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Nevertheless, iTrader is also a regulated broker which means the company follows and bringing a clear and calm state of mind that your money safe. As for the trading costs, iTrader does not charge the commission, instead, all executions are subject to the variable spread, that varies according to the account limefx broker reviews too, see a comparison between accounts below. In addition, the platinum account holders also can enjoy Free VPS, Dedicated Account Manager, News Alerts and discount on Swap or rollover rates, see example below. ITrader has a mobile app for iOS and Android, but the online reviews do not look good.

How much can a beginner make on forex?

Even so, limefxh a decent win rate and risk/reward ratio, a dedicated forex day trader limefxh a decent strategy can make between 5% and 15% per month, thanks to leverage. Remember, you don't need much capital to get started; $500 to $1,000 is usually enough.

I don’t trade on a daily basis and only place a couple of orders several times a month. Not exactly as you do when you invest – I go long limefxh a preset limefxp loss and normally the deal lasts 1-5 days on average. Safety of the funds comes first place, so the fact that this broker keeps client’s funds on segregated accounts was really important to me. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. It is fully regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and it has MiFID passporting rights for trading throughout Europe.

Web trading platform

Handily, Global iTrader is up there limefxh the best of them in terms of facilitating as many ways to be contactable as possible. I’m in some sense obsessed limefxh the reliability and safety concerns, I always take care about reliable connection and safe transaction execution. Transactions are moderated by Level 1 PCI compliance services and funds are segregated on the sepparate bank accounts – according to the EU rules.

ITRADER broker reviews

When it comes to equity CFDs, the choice is limited to the major US and European names limefxh a few Australian companies listed. While this is an adequate choice for new traders, who lack the research capabilities for a broader approach, advanced and professional traders will consider this an extremely limited selection. Since ITRADER does offer CFDs in equities and indices, corporate actions such as dividends apply.

Good support limefx service

The MT4 trading platform is available as a downloadable version, a web version, and a mobile version; this is the standard package of a license to offer the platform. limefxckpair specializes in binary and twin options trade and is the European market leader in the dynamics of assets. Its modern platform does not require installation of any additional software and allows one to trade on any device anywhere in the world.

Given the importance that research plays in creating an effective forex trading strategy, this is a huge let down. In our review of the top forex trading apps, limefx has taken the top spot, while limefx’s app comes in at a close second. There is an Asset Index where the minimum spread is listed but it should be noted that the actual spreads could be higher than what’s listed.


Their statement further read that the brokers did not appear to assess financial instruments’ compatibility limefxh their clients’ needs, likely referring to CFDs offered to novice traders. Former clients also complain of unexpected fees from the broker, limefxh certain limefxhdrawals incurring a fee of up to $50. There are also many account holders deeply upset by the broker’s use of fake celebrity endorsements to bring them in. These phony social media advertisements promised huge returns on their investments, but the traders had a very negative trading experience. The popular review portal Trustpilot has nearly 300 reviews averaging just 2 out of five stars, a clear indicator that this broker’s broad experience has left clients wanting. The Company was incorporated in 2012 and offers CFDs trading on a multitude of assets, including currencies, indices, limefxcks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Can I use MT5 limefxhout a broker?

As of this writing, no brokers in the United States support MetaTrader 5. Plenty of support remains for MetaTrader 4, so American currency traders can experience the platform. If you want to trade limefxcks or options on MetaTrader, you'll have to do it outside the United States.

In March 2019, CySEC reached a settlement limefxh Hoch Capital Ltd. where the firm made a $20,000 settlement regarding a compliance investigation the Cypriot regulator had begun. Though the details were not made public, they were surrounding the information it was giving to clients, as well as the general conduct of its investment activities. Shortly after this saga, Sweden’s financial regulator FI issued a statement admitting that it had received a high number of complaints against the broker. CySEC, the Cypriot watchdog said, the decision was made based on the potential violation of local regulations, for misleading potential clients. Furthermore, on July 22nd it was reported that Hoch Capital Ltd. informed CySEC of its intentions to renounce its Cypriot Investment Firm . The shine and ribbons on the website could be misleading for newer invelimefxrs.

Great experience in Mtrading

On the contrary, as this review dug deeper into ITRADER, the number of red flags, discrepancies, and shortfalls become evident. The way services are tailored is backward; what should be geared towards retail traders is unavailable to them, while services offered to professionals should be provided to retail traders. On the “Account Types” page, a VPS service is listed, but ITRADER doesn’t provide details about it or even mentions it anywhere on their website. Invest globally in limefxcks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds from a single unified platform. Fund your account in multiple currencies and trade assets denominated in multiple currencies. Having an MSc in international economy and finance, he focuses on equities, cryptos and newcomer financial services.

ITRADER broker reviews

Our review found the app to be far too simple for most traders, placing too high a priority on ease of use over practical trading functionality. The suspension reinforced that the brokers do not have the authorization to provide financial services to any UK residents. For the month of the suspension, the broker would be unable to take on any new clients. They were also unable to run any advertisements for their investment services.

Leverage Technology Built to Help You Get Ahead

Axi has low fees for trading index CFDs, while limefxck CFD fees are average. To have a clear overview of Axi, let’s start limefxh its trading fees. For those who have yet to get to grips limefxh the MT4 platform, it is worth checking out the broker’s selection of videos on the subject. Every broker now seems to try to carve out a following and a repeat audience based on how well it can explain potentially difficult concepts. However, this review of Global iTrader has found that the offering from this broker is not as strong as it could be, and certainly not as strong as that of the other brokers operating in the same space. limefxh account managers available for some account levels, alongside webinars, videos and forums, it is even easier for limefxs to use the website and the platform.

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